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As electrostatic experts, Sames are eager to achieve customer satisfaction at all times, and remain constantly on top of paint application techniques to do so. They share with you the results of years of experience, and put their competence and availablity at your disposal.

Sames R&D and Engineering departments work on the latest and greatest improvements in the field of Electrostatics. There are those who vouch for the reliability and ultimate performances of Sames equipment and systems.

Sames is present in most of the General Industry sectors:

  • Electrical and household appliances
  • Metallic furniture
  • Wood furniture
  • Bicycles and motorcycles
  • Agricultural and Construction Equipment
  • Tier-one suppliers (i.e. plastic bumpers)
  • Coil Coating (paint and lubricant)

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Sames Technologies
Innovating Electrostatic Solutions

Sames expertise and innovation in the fields of liquid and powder alike, brings to you the most comprehensive line of electrostatic applicators available in the market place.

Starting with a simple user friendly handgun, or investing in a sophisticated computer managed automatic operation, Sames has the full range of  the most advanced facilities available.

The Sames atomizers were originally developed to meet the demanding quality finish requirements of the automotive industry and have been adapted to meet your requirements, optimize your productivity and safety concerns, and boost your savings.

Sames offer a wide equipment portfolio including:

  • Manual Liquid Paint
  • Automatic Liquid Paint
  • Automatic Powder Coating
  • Manual Powder Coating

Selection Guide, Electrostatic Liquid Finishing Solutions

Selection Guide, Electrostatic Powder Coating Solutions

Featured Products

Sames E Series Powder System

Sames E Jet
  Powder System


Spraymium® Electrostatic Paint Systems

EasyCompact Automatic Powder Installation 

Auto Mach-Jet

Auto Mach_jet
Powder System





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