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Xcite Airmix Gun

The Xcite gun is the result of Kremlin Rexson experience since 1925. The Xcite gun brings an excellent comfort to the operator.Its ultra light trigger, its design, its ergonomy and its swivel fitting reduce operator  fatigue, improve the productivity and stop all risks of RSI (Repetetive Strain Injury) The new Xcite gun uses high quality components which ensure a perfect reliability, maintaining a high level of performance. The latest generation of Airmix atomoisation aircap offers unsurpassed finish quality. The sprayer has the ability to significantly vary the fan pattern without changing the tip while using minimum atomisation air and pressure. Its really useful when painting complex parts.

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Features Benefits
Ergonomic design and light trigger. Product swivel fitting Reduced fatigue and excellent working conditions for increased productivity
Stainless steel wetted parts Compatible with water-based products
Nickled brass air needle Long service life and good reliability
Large and fine fan width adjustment Ability to adjust the fan width to the shape of the part to be painted leading to higher efficiency and productivity
Increased atomisation quality, Increased efficiency Outstanding spraying quality with reduced overspray
E-Z adjust aircap Simple fan orientation
Sprayed materials Polyurethanes, water-based products, high solids, two component products, stains, lacquers, varnishes etc
Body of the gun Forged aluminium
Fluid pressure range (bar) 20 - 200
Max, air inlet pressure (bar) 6
Recommended atomisation air pressure (bar) 0.8 - 3
Fluid output (l/mm) Depends on the tip used
Weight (g) 564
Maximum fluid temperature (ŗC) 50
Air consumption (m3/h) 3.2 - 7.5
Wetted parts Stainless steel, PTFE, Carbide
Safety Trigger lock
Filter (fitted on fluid tube) # 6 - 85 mesh / 168µ
Air inlet M 1/4 NPS
Fluid inlet M 1/2 JIC
Config - the Xcite spray gun
135.720.100 135.720.200 135.720.120 135.720.220
£475.92 £475.92 £445.00 £445.00
Gun type Xcite 120 Xcite 200 Xcite 120 Xcite 200
Aircap type VX 24 K HVLP VX 24 K HVLP VX 24 K HVLP VX 24 K HVLP
Tip 09.114 Tip included. (other sizes available) 09.114 Tip included (other sizes available) 09.114 Tip included (other sizes available) 09.114 Tip included (other sizes available)
Max. fluid pressure (bar) 120 200 120 200
Seat Stainless Steel Carbide Stainless Steel Carbide
Swivel Fitting Yes Yes No No
151.260.960 151.260.961
£503.65 £503.65
Description Xcite 120 Spray Gun Xcite 200 Spray Gun
Aircap type VX 24 K HVLP VX 24 K HVLP
Tip size (mm) 09.114 Tip included (other sizes available) 09.114 Tip included (other sizes available)
Non-conductive fluid hose diameter (mm) 4.8 4.8
Conductive air hose diameter (mm) 7 7
Hoses length (m) 7.5 7.5
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