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RC 500 Full-Visor Mask

Maximum protection for excellent working conditions, optimal health protection with low operating costs. The RC500 is compliant with the latest European norms (EN 14594, EN 166)

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Features Benefits
Complete assembly with protection screen Complete protection of the operator face and eyes (against isocyanates especially)
Performant air adduction by active carbon filter Reliable operator health protection against all types of paint
Light and ergonomic Reduced fatigue and excellent working conditions for increased productivity
Low airflow alarm Constant operator protection
Adjustable head and front protection Suitable for everyone and user-friendly
Easy disposable screen protectors Excellent vision in any working conditions
Operating pressure (bar) 2.0 - 7.0
Working air flow (l/mn) 180
Maximum temperature (C) 35
Config - The RC 500 Full-Visor mask
Designation RC 500 full-visor mask complete (without network 10m air hose)
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RC 500 full-visor mask alone (without belt or network 10m air hose) 143.390.100 96.11
Screen protector (pack of 10) 143.390.120 42.06
Belt with active carbon filter (1) 143.390.110 252.47
Active carbon filter (2) 143.390.130 134.40
General network air hose (compliant length 10m) 143.390.140 88.35
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