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EOS C25 Spare Parts

EOS C25 Spare Parts

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Features Benefits
Kits - Complete replacement wet end
Part number - 144.130.200
Price - 706.40
Description Complete EOS 25cc hydraulic wet end, including upper flange.
Related Products
15:1 Air Motor Servicing Kit (245-2) 144.140.190 60.73
30:1 Air Motor Servicing Kit (420-4) 144.130.190 62.79
Air motor Reversing Kit 144.130.191 60.29
EOS C25 Hyd Servicing Kit 144.130.291 58.61
EOS C25 Packing Kit 144.130.205 83.50
EOS C25 Hyd Piston (inc Exhaust Valve) 144.130.213 131.46
EOS C25 Exhaust Valve Kit 144.130.204 35.99
EOS C25 Suction Valve Kit 144.130.208 80.42
C25 Upper Cartridge Seal - Pack of 5 150.040.339 11.90
EOS C25 Suction Valve Retainer - pack of 4 144.130.209 36.87
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